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World Changer Program

The World Changer program is a 4-week empowerment course put together by Mikel
Ameen director of company GetFamilyar (
Designed to raise the aspirations and overall performance level of students in and out
of school we place an emphasis on inspiration, Self-belief and leadership. The
interactive sessions are fun, engaging, educational and full of high-energy activities &
discussions aimed at getting young people more enthusiastic about school and
We understand that some schools/organizations have specific issues and topics they are particularly trying to tackle. Here are some areas that we cover:


  • Leadership / Empowerment

  • Culture / Heritage

  • Anti - Social behavior

  • At risk of offending

  • Careers / Goals

  • Violence and Abuse


Course details:
The 4 week program is made up of:


World Changer Assemblies (Capacity: Whole Year group)
Classroom focused workshops (Capacity: 7 - 30 pupils)




What the youth are saying : )

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