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Artistic Development Program

GetFamilyar with Rough Copy

GetFamilyar with Fuse Odg

GetFamilyar with Suli Breaks

GetFamilyar with Shakka

GetFamilyar with Hayley Cassidy

A classic poem from SULI BREAKS

Hayley Cassidy taking the audience 'Far Away'​​

Shakka wowing the crowd​​

Out door show in Sutton

Sloozie opening up to the GetFamilyar audience

Ladies night Hosted by Dionne Reid

Manuel Josiahs gives a killer performance

Peridot at GetFamilyar.

The infamous Getfamilyar Open Mic/Stage

Fuse Odg & Mikel Ameen serenade a unsuspecting crowd member

Julie Iwheta doing a Black History Tribute

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