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Artistic Development

The ADP is a set of workshops that combines Drama, Dance and Music production to build the artistic and social skills of young participants.

Young people will work for a period of 6 - 12 weeks on there chosen art and put together a showcase performance following a particular subject or theme

The ADP uses all the performance based artistic skills to provide the tools needed in order to create social cohesion, bonding, communication and self-confidence amongst youth.


World Changer Program


The World Changer program is a 4-week empowerment course put together by Mikel
Ameen director of company GetFamilyar (
Designed to raise the aspirations and overall performance level of students in and out
of school we place an emphasis on inspiration, Self-belief and leadership. The
interactive sessions are fun, engaging, educational and full of high-energy activities &
discussions aimed at getting young people more enthusiastic about life, school and

Music Reform Program


Our Music Reform Program is tailored to young people at risk of offending and young offenders re-offending.

With the intention of prevention and early intervention,

our program acts as a self therapy and social bonding class which focuses on creating INSPIRATIONAL, PROGRESSIVE and

INTROSPECTIVE music that encourages COHESION and can serve as permanent motivational tools in the daily lives of the participants

Families Together 

Our Families together arts program focuses on building bonds, companionship and social cohesion between families and family

groups who live in deprived conditions and anti-social environments.

Re-Creative Reading


Our Re-Creative reading program is a Fresh, Fun, rewarding, NEW and engaging approach to group reading and learning.

In this program we bring young people together to collectively read and explore a book of their choice.

Using the arts we task young people to take an extract or exert from the book, be it a scene, chapter or paragraph and re-interpret it using their chosen ARTISTIC skill. This may include a spoken word piece, a graphic image, a song, and a monologue a video

presentation or a written annotation.

To book our projects or to have one tailored to suit your group please click below:

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